Celebrating a beloved musician and cultural activist

The 23rd of January 2021 2022 marks four years since the passing of internationally beloved South African musician and cultural activist Hugh Masekela. This year, the Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation and Assupol celebrate his legacy, with the annual Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival on at 20:00 CAT.

“My biggest obsession is to show Africans, and the world, who the people of Africa really are,” Hugh Masekela once said. With a line-up that features music, dance, and spoken word, this year’s audience will be treated to performances by Msaki, Langa Mavuso, Mandisi Dyantyis, Berita, Muneyi, Gcina Mhlophe, and Tsogang Bana Dance Group, as well as tributes to two of Bra Hugh’s great musical compatriots and collaborators Sibongile Khumalo, with her daughter Ayanda Khumalo, and Tsepo Tshola, with local artist Mandla Ntlaks. Expect to be delighted by an eclectic mix of hits and Masekela bits. The show is hosted by comedian Kagiso Lediga who once presented a TV show called The Bantu Hour with Bra Hugh.

 “Looking Ahead…And What We Bring With Us”

Inspired by Bra Hugh, this year’s festival theme of “Looking Ahead…And What We Bring With Us”, reflects the basic template he set for the festival’s line-up; a strong lean into African tradition, the innovative voice of the African streets, and the African soul, and an eclectic African syntax that defies the locked boxes of genre and type. As always, the Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival will showcase Bra Hugh’s eclectic and broad vision of culture, music, and heritage. 

Enabling more people to share in our culture, music, and heritage

We believe that legacy and heritage are two treasures that should be preserved for future generations to benefit from. Keeping the Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival as a virtual event enables more people across local and international borders to share in South African and African cultures, music, and heritage. Assupol has been a proud sponsor of the Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival for 8 years and we celebrate the legacy of Bra Hugh that remains accessible for generations to come.”  Says Velmah Nzembela, Head of Group Corporate Affairs, Assupol

For a post-New Year audience seeking family-friendly fare

“This will be our second foray into the online presentation of the Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival. Our 2020 presentation, influenced by the pandemic, offered a brand-new avenue to explore in terms of presentation and audience. With live events still impeded by pandemic constraints, a growing international digital footprint, and a post-New Year audience seeking family-friendly fare, it makes sense to keep our digital stake vital and evolving.” Says Hugh Masekela’s daughter and event co-organiser Pula Twala.

The tremendous creative energy that marked a phenomenal life

“January 23rd, 2022 will mark the 4th anniversary of my uncle Hugh’s passing. It seemed appropriate, in keeping with the tremendous creative energy that marked his phenomenal life, that we celebrate his passing with some spark, some echo of that incomparable creative spirit of collaboration, tradition, innovation, heritage, music, and laughter. The Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival has proved to be a lasting emblem to Bra Hugh’s vision of an enduring homage to, and the enduring existence of, African heritage and identity.”  Says Mabusha Masekela, Bra Hugh’s nephew and festival co-organizer, on the choice of 23rd of January for the transmission of the Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival.

Date:  Sunday, 23 January 2022.

Time: 20:00 CAT


Using the official hashtag #HMHFestOnline, festival watchers are encouraged to be part of the conversation on Twitter via @HughMasekela and on Facebook at HughMasekelaZA


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From his birth to his passing Hugh Masekela’s most ardent passion was the restoration, promotion, and evolution of African identity, heritage, and culture. The Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation is an expression of that passion, that legacy, through the creation of cultural information facilities, the support and incubation of heritage arts, and the dissemination of this information and cultural inheritance throughout the African Diaspora and the world. The Foundation’s specific focus is in the areas of African History and Languages, Genealogy, Inter-generational Communication, Music, Dance, Theatre, Literature, Visual and Culinary Arts.

The Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation, established by Bra Hugh in 2015, and a reflection of his lasting commitment to preserve and promote African heritage, tradition and identity, is proud to be, with the committed support of Assupol, part of the Hugh Masekela Heritage Festival, and its core values of the growth and promotion of African heritage and culture, and our ever-evolving diversity, to, and through, a cross-generational, cross-cultural audience.