Share your #BrahHughMemory

and you could win a Limited Edition T-shirt!

Tell us your memories with or about Hugh Masekela and his music using the hashtag #BraHughMemory and stand a chance to win a Limited Edition T-shirt featuring some of his most iconic images.

An eclectic mix of hits and Masekela bits

Two special things are happening on Sunday, 23 January: we mark the fourth anniversary of Bra Hugh Masekela’s passing and we bring you the annual Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation Festival, an online affair with a line-up that features music, dance, and spoken word.

We look forward to this celebration with an eclectic mix of hits and Masekela bits when the show broadcasts online, via at 20:00 CAT. In the meantime, we are encouraging you to share your #BraHughMemory with us and stand a chance to win 1 of 10 Hugh Masekela limited edition T-shirts

As always, terms and conditions apply.

Please take time to read about all you need to do to be eligible to win a white, stone or yellow Hugh Masekela limited edition T-shirt:

  • You can enter the #BraHughMemory Limited Edition T-Shirt Giveaway on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts:
    • Facebook: HughMasekelaZA
    • Instagram: @hughmasekela
    • Twitter: @hughmasekela
  • Look out for daily #BraHughMemory posts that will be shared from Monday 17 January to Friday 21 January.
  • Comment with your #BraHughMemory ensuring that you have included the hashtags: #HMHFFestOnline and #BraHughMemory – this way, it’ll be easier for us to find your entry. Do feel free to share pictures and or videos if you have those!
  • The giveaway closes on Friday 17 January at 21:00 and we will choose ten of the best memories from all entries.
  • Winners will be contacted on Monday 24 January to make arrangements for courier services.
  • The giveaway is only open to those currently residing in South Africa and have access to a nearby PostNet or PAXI via PEP in order to be able to receive the T-shirt. The Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation will cover the costs of courier services but, only for the specified service provers. We will not be engaging any other service providers for these purposes.
  • The T-shirts are for promotional purposes and may not be resold by those who win them through the giveaway.
  • The Hugh Masekela Heritage Foundation reserves the right to choose winners of the #BraHughMemory Limited Edition T-Shirt Giveaway using its sole discretion.
  • Please note that only those with valid questions and queries that are not covered in the above will be engaged.

We look forward to reminiscing and going through all your fun, entertaining, and even moving, #BraHughMemory posts.